Lake Fear 3 (2018)

Comedy, Horror, Thriller | 96 Min.

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Plot Summary & Production Team

Lake Fear 3 is an ITN Films Original that follows "Revel" as she looks for her missing sister "Jordan" with her best friend "Chloe". A misdirected weekend adventure that "Jordan" took a few years ago has led to her disappearance after she encountered an evil entity in a cabin in the woods ("Lake Fear"). "Revel" and "Chloe" enlist the help of "Vincent", a failed Paranormal TV Series Host, with the hopes of his 'talents' leading to their success. Instead, they realize the evil unleashed a few years ago has become stronger and escaped the bounds of its' original cabin in "Lake Fear". They also encounter "Remington" the original finder and fighter of the evil who gives them some very unwanted and dire news. Will this group of mismatched personalities win the fight or suffer the unknown fate as many others before.

Production Companies: MGI Films (Productions)
Distributors: ITN Distribution (2018) (USA) (DVD)

Directed by: Michael Crum
Written by: Gerald Crum

Produced by: Stuart Alson, Michael Crum, Gerald Crum and Richard S. Blake, Executive producers

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Comedy, Horror, Thriller